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Welcome to custom home building

Building a custom home is a very exciting experience. A great deal more of your personality will go into your home, simply because you and your family will make many of the decisions usually made by your builder. Your own "mental scrapbook" of housing ideas can be arranged to create a new home that is uniquely "you". During our first meetings, we will listen as you describe your new home, beginning with budgetary considerations, general outlines, and then gradually becoming more specific & detailed.

Based on what you tell us, we can select from our files the floor plans that approximate your description. An exciting home plan is an ideal place to begin. Occasionally, it is necessary to alter the original design by requesting custom changes. We will work with the most appropriate method to suit your needs. 

As these preliminary plans develop, we get closer and closer to seeing your home on paper, just as you want it. Our experience has shown that the design phase usually requires at least three meetings or more. While it is important to proceed quickly with all aspects of your new home, we want to be absolutely certain that we fully incorporate the features you desire. 

As you continue to analyze and determine your priorities, we continue to fine-tune the design. One of the most enjoyable and satisfying aspects of having a custom home built is being able to make so many choices. One of the maddening and frustrating aspects of having a custom home built is not knowing exactly what it will cost. Each change, adjustment, addition or deletion in the design affects the cost of the home. Until all the decisions have been finalized, we cannot know the exact cost of the home. We will work with a cost estimate or price range until we finalize all the specifications. 

When you are satisfied that you have made all the adjustments and changes you want, we are then ready to have working blueprints drawn. Until this point, the contribution has been your thoughts and your time. At this step in the process, we ask for your financial participation. Working drawings are necessary for final pricing (subcontractors will prepare their bids based on these prints), and they are ultimately used for the construction of your new home. In addition, they allow you to view the plans in even greater detail. 

The cost of these drawings will depend upon the size and complexity of your new home. Since we request payment in advance, you will know exactly what the cost will be. The expense is not a part of your new home. However, design fees are distinct and separate from the earnest money deposited and referred to in our sales contract. 

If there are any areas where you have not made your final choice- for instance, appliances, tiles floor coverings, etc- an allowance will be included in the pricing. This provides you with more time to consider your selections, or perhaps work with a decorator, while at the same time, allowing a definite price for your new home to be set. If the allowance for a particular category is $1,500.00 and your final choices total $1,650.00, you will pay the additional $150.00 when you sign the order. If the total is $1,400.00, the difference will be a credit to you before you move in. 

Please note that some of the details of the home will be determined outside of yours or our control. Building codes, engineering and homeowner association requirements will influence the plans for your new home. We will point these out and discuss them with you in detail throughout the process. 

Changes can be made at any time. However, once blueprints have been drawn, contracts and specifications finalized, engineering completed and a building permit is obtained, even a minor change can necessitate redrawing, re-engineering, and re-approval by the building department and/or homeowner association. These extra steps are costly and can cause delays in starting or progressing with construction. To avoid this, we encourage you to take full advantage of your design meetings to think out loud about your new home and arrive at a plan that services all aspects of your housing dream. 

Many custom buyers begin this process with a great deal of construction knowledge; others know what they like or dislike in a home, but have not been exposed to the technical side of home building. Wherever you are on this continuum, when your new home is complete, you will have acquired a considerable amount of construction knowledge and technical vocabulary. Regardless, never hesitate to ask for an explanation at any point. We expect and welcome your questions. We invite your frequent inspection of your new home, and are always willing to explain the construction process to you. 

​From our family to yours, thank you for your interest in Keepsake Homes, Inc.